Sunday, July 09, 2006

We're in Nanning now, staying at the Majestic Hotel. When we got off the plane, we were immediately assaulted by the smell of dog poo that's been hit by your lawn mower in 90 degree, 99% humidity weather. The bus ride from the airport to the hotel was quite an eye opening experience. There is some type of large scale, long term construction project going on, and the workers live right beside their current work site. So there are tin and wood shantys right beside the road, and a guy is just outside, welding on what looks like a powerline. He's barefooted, has no shirt on, and is about 12' in the air welding. It was overcast, and the bus was moving at such a pace that most of our pictures came out blurry. We'll post what we have, including a picture of the crib in our hotel room. The drive also shows us how much we take for granted. "Apartments" in this part of the country don't look like the ones in Guangzhou. Here, they are lined up on the street like self storage buildings. The garage doors are rolled up, and people are sitting around on the sidewalk in front. These are about 12' x 16' single rooms. Oh, and did I mention these are also their businesses? Moped repair shops, fruit stands, electricians, all with their shingles hung out on the stoop as well.

It's 4:00 a.m. and we're lying in bed wide awake. I was awakened by the sound of some poor soul in the room next door that did not heed the advice to not eat or drink something he obviously ate or drank. It sounds like he's in bad shape. We most certainly can't go back to sleep, since we'll have our little girl in less than 12 hours. Donna got up and starting packing the baby's diaper bag. It currently weighs 26 lbs. We're fully prepared. We will be meeting at the Civil Affairs office at 4:00 p.m. The babies are coming in on a 8 hour train ride from their orphanage. They should be in goooood shape by the time they get here.



Mamaw Shaffer said...

Happy to hear that you got there safely. With all the time you spent on the plane did you fill up all that sudoka puzzle? We all are anxious for you to get back so we can see the sweetheart Addison Claire.

Love Y'all - Grandma Shaffer

Will Martin said...

Hey guys- this is really great- you probably could have gotten Lifetime, TLC, or Discovery to follow you on your journey and had them pay for the trip!

I can't help it- the music industry always has me looking for a joint opportunity at promotion- is that sick?

Anyway, we love you and can't wait to read more. Nik, you have missed your calling as a travel reporter.

Will and Jenny

Lisa Brooks said...

Hello Donna and Nick!
Lori gave me your link address and I've been reading about your incredible journey. I am sooo happy for all of you! It brings tears to my eyes to read how exciting this is for you! I love all the pictures and can't wait until you post mine! LOL!!(even if it is from the closet) Take care and God Bless! Love you, Lisa

Mama Lynne said...

I agree with your brother, you should have been a travel reporter. This is so neat to be able to share in your experiences...sure does help to stay connected with someone on the other side of the world. Technology is amazing! By now the diaper bag may weigh another 5 lb. than it did when you posted. Hope you have figured out the child carrier contraption for your back. Excitement is sure mounting here as you get closer to holding Addison Claire. Love and prayers

Anonymous said...

We just got through looking at the
update you posted. I can tell that
nik got excited with the Pabst Blue
Ribbon logo. By the way, how was the water? We are really excited for both of you. I know you can hardly wait until 4:00 PM. I finally went on internet and found
out the difference in time. we are
actually 13 hours behind china. By
our calculation, you should receive
Addison Claire at 03:00 Am, our time. I am sorry I typed 10 instead of 19 on the firs message.
I can't type anymore with my arthritic fingers. I will close for now.

We Love You Both
Mamaw & Papaw