Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Today we took the babies on a field trip to Mt. Qingxiu . This is a mountain in the Guangxi province that has a Buddhist Temple at the top. Of course there are pics. If you are not a Fertile Myrtyle, you are supposed to meditate and then rub Buddha's belly. There was quite a bit of belly rubbing going on while we were there from 20-something couples. The guy would rub Buddha, then rub his wife's face. She would reciprocate.


pt mcgehee said...

Nik- you look great in a dress! I think yellow is your color!


Will Martin said...

sweet duds-


Mama Lynne said...

you look like a royal Chinese family!I didn't even realize that was really y'all from the thumbprint until I enlarged it and voila! there you were! Great pics.
Love, Mama