Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Some people are having trouble seeing the video. Here's the same video as below, but hosted on another service.


Mama Lynne said...

This was just too cute. It looks like she is very entertained with books and Donna's singing (The original I Know the Sweetest Little Word is L-O-V-E LOVE Girl)
I will have to play that tape for her someday. It is quite evident that L-O-V-E LOVE is the watchword there. Love, Mama

Anonymous said...

Donna & Nic: You hardly know me but this is Jencie that Sharon worked with at South Central. Thank goodness Sharon e-mailed us with your link. I am so filled with joy for the both of you but even more joy for A.C. All children deserve to be loved by a mommie and daddy. God has blessed all three of you and I know that the blessings will continue. She is adorable!!

gobblerchaser said...

Wow...I couldn't get the other video
to load so I am so glad you put up another. I got goose bumps when I watched it...she is such a sweetie. Can you believe how fast you fell in love with her. She is a tiny little thing but she is just like her Momma. Too bad Ann Taylor does not have a children's line. Yal look like you are having a really fun time...love all the pictures. KCT